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New anti-money laundering requirements affecting trusts and estate administration

HMRC has launched its “trusts register” for trustees and personal representatives of complex probate matters. Trustees and personal representatives now have a single point of online access to comply with their new registration and reporting obligations.  All trusts and estates with a tax liability must be registered and provide information about the trust assets and […]

Update on probate court fees and changes to inheritance tax

Increase in court fees for grants of probate You may be aware that due to the government calling a snap election, the proposed increases have been put on hold for the time being. Record Inheritance Tax bills and how the new rules may affect you  The tax year 2015/16 saw a huge increase in the […]

Increase in court fees for grants of probate

You may be aware that, despite widespread opposition, the government proposes to increase the fees for the application of a grant of probate from May this year. What is this fee? When someone dies, the value of their estate is calculated and where appropriate inheritance tax (IHT) is payable. Once IHT has been paid, the […]

Intestacy Rules reminder

We thought we would follow up on an earlier article as a reminder of the Intestacy Rules. The example we give below highlights how important it is to put in place a Will.   By way of an example, husband dies leaving a wife and two children under 18. He owns a house in his […]

An hour in the day of a solicitor – meeting with client “Mr A” regarding his Will

S:          So, Mr A, you would like to make a Will.  I see you have completed our Will questionnaire.  This confirms: you are married with three young children; your estate comprises a house in your name valued at £250,000 and you have savings of £75,000; and you want to leave everything to your children. Mr […]