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The cost of care

 The Cost of Care It is estimated that within 25 years, a quarter of the UK’s population will be over 60 and with the majority of people being expected to contribute towards costs of care, it is no surprise that this is a topic often at the forefront of people’s mind. Who pays for a […]

New rules on the deduction of liabilities for Inheritance Tax purposes

New Rules on the deduction of liabilities for Inheritance Tax (IHT) purposes New rules which affect loans secured against the family home, designed to save IHT, were introduced by the Finance Act 2013 and came into force on 6th April 2013. The rules only apply to arrangements put in place from 6th April 2013 – i.e. […]

Buying a buy to let property

Buying a Buy to Let Property (BTL) This is a fairly hot topic area given low interest rates, a demand for rental properties and more and more high street banks moving into the BTL market. As well as the traditional buy to let mortgages, there are also share appreciation schemes available allowing borrowers to mortgage […]

Voluntary First Registration of property

In this article we deal with Voluntary First Registrations and Reduced Land Registry fees. As part of a continuing drive to promote the voluntary first registration of those remaining unregistered properties, the Land Registry offer a reduced fee for voluntary first registration applications. By way of background, the majority of properties are now registered with […]

What happens to my property if I don’t make a Will?

By way of an example, husband dies leaving a wife and two children under 18.  He owns a house in his own name worth £375,000 and has savings worth £100,000.  The mortgage on the house is covered by an insurance policy and so the total estate is £475,000.  He had been thinking about making a […]